Stopped my neighbour’s dog from barking

“My neighbours dog’s barking had become gradually worse so I purchased the barkstop in an attempt to get some peace and quite. I wasn’t sure the ultrasonic noise on the device would work as there is a wall separating our gardens. I shouldn’t have worried though as it has worked brilliantly and the dog recognised the noise from the first time I used it. After just two week of regular use the dog rarely barks!”

Sandra Hulme

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Very Impressive Results

“Very good bark stopping product that I purchased for my own dog and for the dog next door. I think one dog’s barking was making the other one bark even more. Brilliant training device as they still bark occasionally but not at each other and neither dog barks for no good reason. Definitely something I would recommend.”

John Roache

The BarkStop works a treat!!

“I purchased the barkstop for dog training. When I first pressed the ultrasonic button he immediately took notice of the noise and the attention barking has practically stopped. It didn’t happen over night though and I do have to use it on a regular basis to make sure that when my dog barks he associates it with a repelling noise. I have notices that in the last week I have not has to use it so much and I am hoping that soon I won’t have to use it at all. I have also tried using it on my neighbour’s dog which is always out in the garden barking and it’s also working even through the high fence between the garden!”

David Welsh

It has stopped my neighbour’s dog from barking!

“BRILLIANT device!! My neighbour’s dog has been annoying me for the past year and I have tried a few other products on the market with limited success. I was recommended the BarkStop by a friend and was a bit sceptical at first, but after a week of regular use it started to work. Apart from a few days when the dog is probably more wound up than normal the barking has all but stopped.”


The BarkStop works

“We get on well with our neighbour and he  was finding his dog’s barking as annoying as we did so we discussed it with him before purchasing the BarkStop. As it doesn’t harm the dog he was as keen as us and since it arrived we have been sharing the BarkStop. To start off with the dog reacted better to the audible noise but we now have the dog recognising the ultrasonic noise with its barking. We are happy to recommend this and its ideal for unruly dogs even they are your neighbours!!

Mike & Jen